What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Indoor plumbing is such a boon most of the time, except for when it’s, rather suddenly, not a boon at all. Things can go from peachy to less than preferable awfully quickly when your pipes spring a leak or when your sink can be turned to full blast and only be producing a meager trickle of cold water. Low water pressure can definitely turn a good day into a bad one at the drop of a hat, so how do you go about solving this inconvenience? Check a couple of places before deciding that your plumbing is possessed by an unnatural evil because it might make all the difference just to flip a switch.

Check Your Main Shut-Off Valve

You’ll find your main shut-off valve on the backside of your water meter. It’s usually located near where the main water line enters the house. It’s the valve controlling how much water is permitted to enter your home from the main water line and if it’s not all the way open, your water pressure will certainly suffer.

Check The Water Meter Valve

While you’re back there by your water meter anyway, you should probably check if the water meter valve itself is totally open. In most homes, there are two shut-off valves that determine the water flow into your home. If you find that your water pressure is low after you’ve had some work done on your plumbing, this is the valve we suggest opening up. Lots of times, plumbers aren’t detail-oriented enough to go back over their work and ensure that, after they turn the water valve off to perform their work, they turn it back onto the proper setting.

Check The Pressure Regulator

From time to time the pressure regulator on your plumbing might fail. This is, of course, only applicable to those homes that are equipped with a pressure regulator. Essentially, the pressure regulator is a valve that is reducing your water pressure so that it’s not so high it’s damaging your pipes. Not all houses have one, but those that do might experience decreased water pressure when the valve fails. You’ll generally see a pretty serious uptick in water pressure but sometimes it goes the opposite way and you’ll be only getting a trickle out of your faucets. The pressure regulator failure will occur all at once and it’ll seem pretty sudden. If this occurs, it’s best to call the pros in to fix the issue, rather than try to DIY it.

Check For Leaks

Sometimes, your change in water pressure can be attributed to a pipe springing a leak. If you see a change in your water bill but you haven’t altered your usage or you smell a damp odor, it’s quite possible that a leak is to blame for the issue rather than something else. Invest in proper leak detection for your Knoxville home to root out the issue and fix your water pressure problems now rather than later.

Contact Lemko Leak

If all of the signs of your water pressure problems point to a potential leak, hire the pros. We’re proud of our leak detection abilities and we promise to find the leak for you, or else we won’t charge you for our services. Reach out to us to solve your leak issues for your home now.