Telltale Signs Of An Underground Leak

Lemko Leaks is a professional leak detection company serving both residential and commercial clients. When you suspect you have a leak, we’ll come out and work diligently to confirm a leak and find its exact location. We can dig up the pipe for you to find the leak and in some circumstances, we can repair the leak then and there. Other times, you may have to contract a plumber’s services to have the repair the pipe. We know that broken pipes seem to happen at the worst times possible, so we work hard to minimize the disruption to your life and or business. Listed below are some signs that you might have an underground pipe leak that warrants a visit from Lemko Leaks.

High Water Bills

If your water bills are suddenly super high for no reason, it could be water rushing (or even seeping) out of an underground pipe.

Soggy Spots

If your yard suddenly has a soggy spot also for no good reason, it is likely coming from a pipe below the surface. The pipe that is broken could be a water pipe coming or going from the home or business. It could be an irrigations (sprinkler) pipe that was not properly blown out and froze in sub-zero temperatures.

Basement Issues

Unless your basement is the most perfectly sealed basement in history, you will see some effects of an underground pipe in your basement. Water trickling in is a positive sign that you have a leak somewhere.


If it is the sewer pipe that is leaking, rats will smell it from a long distance and flock to it like it was the opening of a new Star Wars movie.

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