Suspect an Underground Pipe Leak?

Lemko Leaks is a leak detection company serving eastern Tennessee and centered around Knoxville. We know that having an underground leak is a potential nightmare for homeowners and business owners alike, and we are here to help. We can locate and uncover a pipe leak for you. In some instances were are able to repair it right there and then. Other times, it might be necessary for you to call in a plumber. We can help you determine the severity of the pipe leak.


Here are some signs that you might have a leak in an underground pipe.

  • You water bill has gone up without good reason. If you didn’t just fill a swimming pool, but the size of your water bill makes it look like you did, be on the lookout for some of these other signs.
  • Check your water meter. Make sure there is NO water running in or out of the house and watch your meter. If, despite all water sources being shut off, the water meter is still moving, you very likely have a leak.
  • If you see any of these things, alarm bells should be going off, and you should be calling us!
  • You’ve noticed a soggy area in your yard. A soggy patch can be near the house or way out in the yard.
  • You have part of your driveway collapsing. This can be as a result of a leak under the pavement. A water leak will undermine the substructure of the driveway, causing parts of it to give way.

If you notice any of these things, give us a call so it can be repaired as soon as possible, saving you more wasted money and stopping any property damage.