Leak Detection Experts: How Much Water Does America Waste?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself pondering the finer points of wasting water as you see your water bill inch mysteriously upward even though you haven’t watered the lawn in months. If you’ve recently suffered a leak or needed to take advantage of leak detection services to solve your water loss issues, the thought has doubtlessly crossed your mind. With all of the potential plumbing issues and general excess, how much water could one country waste? The EPA has estimated that number rings in at about 1 trillion gallons of water per year. If you’ve rarely put much thought into the figure of a trillion anything, there are quite a few visuals that you can find to help illuminate the sheer mass of such a sum. For our purposes, you can estimate that it’s somewhere around 40 million swimming pools full of water.

Why Does The U.S. Waste So Much Water

We don’t want to make the problem seem disproportionate, but it’s because of leaky sinks broken toilets as well as other pipe issues and just a general lack of maintenance. That 1 trillion figure is, of course, an annual measurement, which also happens to be the annual household actual water use for only around 11 million different houses. According to the WaterSense program from the EPA, they estimate that it’s all only really small things on a large scale. No one thinks twice about the drippy faucet in your downstairs bathroom that only gets set off every once in a while. Unfortunately, 2 million other people in your area are also totally ignoring that consistent dripping or slightly inefficient toilet and the gallons are racking up by the billions. It’s estimated that one drippy faucet that’s constantly dripping once per minute will drip 34 gallons per year and if the other 1 million people in your state with a drippy faucet do the same, that’s 34 million gallons of water just going down the drain. When you consider that, in general, most homes have more than just one leaky faucet those numbers start to climb into rather uncomfortable numbers.

The Toilet Problem

In most cases, indoor plumbing is basically the best thing to happen to the human race. Everything else is a mere hobby enhancement when compared to the simple idea of a flushable toilet. However, small problems turn into big water-wasting problems with toilets because the difference between them running properly and shoddily is merely a broken flapper valve or some other small part that you’d hardly know was broken when looking at it. This allows water to dribble into the bowl from the tank for ages without anyone being the wiser. In fact, a broken flapper valve on your toilet can cause the drain to swallow 1000 to 4000 gallons of water on a per day basis. At least with this issue, you’ll eventually notice the increase in pricing for your water usage. Check your tank by merely putting a couple of drops of food coloring in the tank and watching. It’s not leak detection at its finest, but it’s certainly effective.

Leak Detection in Knoxville

Contact Lemko Leaks for quality leak detection services and bring that 1 trillion gallons of leaked water down. If for any reason, we can’t find that leak, we won’t charge you for our services. So there’s no risk in employing a local business to make sure all of your plumbing is running smoothly and not costing you more money every month on your water bill. Reach out to schedule your appointment today.