Indoor Signs of an Outdoor Leak

Lemko Leaks is the underground leak detection company to turn to in Eastern Tennessee. We can find out if you have a leak, locate it precisely and dig it up. Depending on the nature of the leak, we may or may not be able to fix it for you right then. Sometimes, you’ll have to call a plumber, but plumbers won’t take the time and care to find it like we will!

If you see any of the following signs of a leak in your yard, call us immediately so we can help stem the damage.

In the House

  • Do you hear bubbling noises when you flush the toilet or use the shower?
  • A sewer smell is coming from your drains. This is a big sign that something is wrong.
  • A toilet or tub backs up with mucky water. If you have a broken pipe outside of the house, it can get clogged up with dirt and send it back into the house.
  • Your water bill is suddenly and inexplicably high. If you have not just filled a swimming pool and your water bill looks like you did, you probably have a leak.
  • Do you have water leaking into a basement area? Soggy drywall or a wet carpet could be signs that the foundation is being inundated with water and it’s getting into the house.
  • Water pressure has dropped suddenly.
  • Do you have regular and stubborn clogging in your house’s plumbing?

If you experience any of these, call us out to investigate. If you have several of these, call us now!