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Indoor plumbing is such a boon most of the time, except for when it’s, rather suddenly, not a boon at all. Things can go from peachy to less than preferable awfully quickly when your pipes spring a leak or when your sink can be turned to full blast and only be producing a meager trickle of cold water. Low water pressure can definitely turn a good day into a bad one at the drop of a hat, so how do you go about solving this inconvenience? Check a couple of places before deciding that your plumbing is possessed by an unnatural evil because it might make all the difference just to flip a switch.

Check Your Main Shut-Off Valve

You’ll find your main shut-off valve on the backside of your water meter. It’s usually located near where the main water line enters the house. It’s the valve controlling how much water is permitted to enter your home from the main water line and if it’s not all the way open, your water pressure will certainly suffer.

Check The Water Meter Valve

While you’re back there by your water meter anyway, you...


Perhaps you’ve found yourself pondering the finer points of wasting water as you see your water bill inch mysteriously upward even though you haven’t watered the lawn in months. If you’ve recently suffered a leak or needed to take advantage of leak detection services to solve your water loss issues, the thought has doubtlessly crossed your mind. With all of the potential plumbing issues and general excess, how much water could one country waste? The EPA has estimated that number rings in at about 1 trillion gallons of water per year. If you’ve rarely put much thought into the figure of a trillion anything, there are quite a few visuals that you can find to help illuminate the sheer mass of such a sum. For our purposes, you can estimate that it’s somewhere around 40 million swimming pools full of water.

Why Does The U.S. Waste So Much Water

We don’t want to make the problem seem disproportionate, but it’s because of leaky sinks broken toilets as well as other pipe issues and just a general lack of maintenance. That 1 trillion figure is, of course, an...


Lemko Leaks is the underground leak detection company to turn to in Eastern Tennessee. We can find out if you have a leak, locate it precisely and dig it up. Depending on the nature of the leak, we may or may not be able to fix it for you right then. Sometimes, you’ll have to call a plumber, but plumbers won’t take the time and care to find it like we will!

If you see any of the following signs of a leak in your yard, call us immediately so we can help stem the damage.

In the House

  • Do you hear bubbling noises when you flush the toilet or use the shower?
  • A sewer smell is coming from your drains. This is a big sign that something is wrong.
  • A toilet or tub backs up with mucky water. If you have a broken pipe outside of the house, it can get clogged up with dirt and send it back into the house.
  • Your water bill is suddenly and inexplicably high. If you have not just filled a swimming pool and your water bill looks like you did, you probably have a leak.
  • Do you have water leaking into a basement area? Soggy drywall or a wet carpet...

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of stepping in cold water while barefoot in your home, then you know how frustrating plumbing leaks can be. Normally these rogue puddles are caused by plumbing leaks that could have been prevented had you hired professional residential leak detection from Lemko Leaks.

Unfortunately in residential homes, leaks can go unnoticed for long periods of time. This results in water-stains, rot, mildew, moisture on the underside of your ceiling, water creeping down walls, bubbling in your wall-paint, and generally expensive water damage. Oftentimes we see this happen when homeowners leave their homes for extended periods of time over the holidays or during summer vacations. While the homeowners aren't there to notice the signs of a plumbing leak, the leak is given the opportunity to expand and spread.

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should hire professional residential leak detectors to evaluate your plumbing on a regular basis so that we can find small issues and fix them before they become costly and messy...


Lemko Leaks is a professional leak detection company serving both residential and commercial clients. When you suspect you have a leak, we’ll come out and work diligently to confirm a leak and find its exact location. We can dig up the pipe for you to find the leak and in some circumstances, we can repair the leak then and there. Other times, you may have to contract a plumber’s services to have the repair the pipe. We know that broken pipes seem to happen at the worst times possible, so we work hard to minimize the disruption to your life and or business. Listed below are some signs that you might have an underground pipe leak that warrants a visit from Lemko Leaks.

High Water Bills

If your water bills are suddenly super high for no reason, it could be water rushing (or even seeping) out of an underground pipe.

Soggy Spots

If your yard suddenly has a soggy spot also for no good reason, it is likely coming from a pipe below the surface. The pipe that is broken could be a water pipe coming or going from the home or...


Lemko Leaks is a leak detection company serving eastern Tennessee and centered around Knoxville. We know that having an underground leak is a potential nightmare for homeowners and business owners alike, and we are here to help. We can locate and uncover a pipe leak for you. In some instances were are able to repair it right there and then. Other times, it might be necessary for you to call in a plumber. We can help you determine the severity of the pipe leak.


Here are some signs that you might have a leak in an underground pipe.

  • You water bill has gone up without good reason. If you didn’t just fill a swimming pool, but the size of your water bill makes it look like you did, be on the lookout for some of these other signs.
  • Check your water meter. Make sure there is NO water running in or out of the house and watch your meter. If, despite all water sources being shut off, the water meter is still moving, you very likely have a leak.
  • If you see any of these things, alarm bells should be going off, and you should be calling...