1. What Causes Low Water Pressure?

    Indoor plumbing is such a boon most of the time, except for when it’s, rather suddenly, not a boon at all. Things can go from peachy to less than preferable awfully quickly when your pipes spring a leak or when your sink can be turned to full blast and only be producing a meager trickle of cold water. Low water pressure can definitely turn a good day into a bad one at the drop of a hat, so how d…Read More

  2. Leak Detection Experts: How Much Water Does America Waste?

    Perhaps you’ve found yourself pondering the finer points of wasting water as you see your water bill inch mysteriously upward even though you haven’t watered the lawn in months. If you’ve recently suffered a leak or needed to take advantage of leak detection services to solve your water loss issues, the thought has doubtlessly crossed your mind. With all of the potential plumbing issues and …Read More

  3. Indoor Signs of an Outdoor Leak

    Lemko Leaks is the underground leak detection company to turn to in Eastern Tennessee. We can find out if you have a leak, locate it precisely and dig it up. Depending on the nature of the leak, we may or may not be able to fix it for you right then. Sometimes, you’ll have to call a plumber, but plumbers won’t take the time and care to find it like we will! If you see any of the following sign…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Hiring Residential Leak Detection Professionals

    If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of stepping in cold water while barefoot in your home, then you know how frustrating plumbing leaks can be. Normally these rogue puddles are caused by plumbing leaks that could have been prevented had you hired professional residential leak detection from Lemko Leaks. Unfortunately in residential homes, leaks can go unnoticed for long periods of time. …Read More

  5. Telltale Signs Of An Underground Leak

    Lemko Leaks is a professional leak detection company serving both residential and commercial clients. When you suspect you have a leak, we’ll come out and work diligently to confirm a leak and find its exact location. We can dig up the pipe for you to find the leak and in some circumstances, we can repair the leak then and there. Other times, you may have to contract a plumber’s services to ha…Read More