Lemko Leaks finds underground leaks for you so can have them repaired. But when do you know when to call us? If you witness any of the following things, you should call Lemko Leaks to investigate!

  • Is your water meter going up and down with no explanation?
  • Are your water bills suddenly inexplicably high?
  • Do you have a patch or patches of soggy ground on your property?

If you see any of these things, the chances that you have an underground pipe leak are pretty high.

Call us out to investigate. We can find the leak and tell you how bad it is.

We are a professional leak detection company and always use methods that will leave your yard and garden undamaged first. We use cutting-edge technology to find the leak and then will uncover it to figure out the extent of the pipe damage.  

We offer residential and commercial leak detection services to help you find the leak, no matter where it is. We also offer discounts for seniors!

Contact us today at 865-654-5729 if you need help investigating unexpected high water bills or waterlogged lawns.